Hello, my name is Tyim (pronounced Tim) Courts (rhymes with quartz).

I have over 20 years experience in advertising and creative marketing for multiple brands on both agency and client side. Specialties include: Creative design of user interfaces, brand identity, package design, presentation design and front end HTML/CSS development.

My artistic pursuits began early in life, as I fell in love with comic books. As early as i can remember I have always created my own comics. From early scratches on a stack of paper my dad brought home, to self publishing and distributing my own creations through my imprint, Magnetic Ink.

The marriage of words and pictures that resonated in those early years expanded to graphic design. Striking imagery combined with balanced typography ignited those same passions from my childhood. A good brand has a good story and that is part of my DNA.

When the world wide web became the hottest thing in the 90s, with flaming logos and the mighty blink tag, I found a new passion. I taught myself HTML in those early days and later expanded my skillset as technology evolved. Digital Design became the culmination of my artistic pursuits and fullfills my artistic goals on many intrinsic levels.

My talents and my history are ready to begin working for you. Please feel free to contact me to help design a story for your next branding project.